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John Graham: Rhode Island’s Success Story

by Benjamin Domenech on January 20, 2011

John R. Graham of the Pacific Research Institute discusses the Rhode Island case – a success story for Medicaid flexibility – in more detail in this new policy paper:

Remarkably, through the first six quarters of the waiver (January 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010) actual spending was $2.7 billion versus $3.8 billion budgeted—savings of almost one-third. Research has not yet identified exactly how much each reform contributed to the savings, but one expects that many of the changes Rhode Island introduced would be significant contributors. For instance, the state was exempted from Any-Willing-Provider (AWP) rules, which meant that it had more power to incentivize quality from medical providers. It also ‘rebalanced’ Medicaid Long-Term Care (LTC), reducing abuse of this program along the lines recommended in a report recently published by PRI. Critically, it empowered Medicaid beneficiaries to make better choices about their care by giving them more direct control of the dollars spent on their health care.

Read a PDF of Graham’s report here.

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